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V1.0 APIs have now been deprecated. Please refer to V1.2



It's Great To See You Here

Hi there!

Welcome to the App Annie public API.

This API provides App Annie Analytics customers with access to your account data and reports.

We've worked hard over the previous months to build an API that is robust, straightforward, and provides some great opportunities to integrate App Annie data with your own tools and systems.

The API is currently available to all Analytics customers and we're extremely eager to get your feedback on what features you'd like to see, and where you think we can make improvements.

Feel free to email us (support@appannie.com) or leave a comment on any of the documentation.

We're very excited to be able to make this data and reports available to you, and hope that you find it valuable.

Who Is The API For & What Can You Do With It?

The API has been built specifically for existing App Annie Analytics customers, to access their own data.  If you're a 3rd party, and want to develop a plugin or integration that requires credentials other than your own App Annie username and password, unfortunately we cannot support you at the moment.  We'll be adding support for 3rd party integration in the future.

You can integrate App Annie data, for your own products, into whatever systems, tools or dashboards you can dream of. If you build something you think is cool, we'd love to hear about it!


Finally, make sure you read the Analytics Terms before accessing the API. By accessing the API, you acknowledge that you've read, and agree to those terms.



App Annie Team



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 Welcome & Index

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Meta-data APIs

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Account APIs

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